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The Pink Triangle installation, ceremony, and break-down take place on Twin Peaks in San Francisco. We need volunteers. This page contains everything you'll need to prepare for and get to the event; print it out.

Contacting the Friends of the Pink Triangle:

The Friends of The Pink Triangle prefer email: Email Patrick Carney

Patrick Carney may be reached by telephone:

(415) 726-4914 (cell phone)

What volunteers need to know and to bring:

The installation takes place on Saturday from 7 am to 10:30 am; come early!

Bring both hammer and work gloves; dress for both warm and cold. There may be poison oak. Closed-toe shoes are preferable to sandals. You may want sunscreen. There's usually water and some sweet snacks available. Fashionable Pink Triangle Tee-shirts will be provided to all who help.

Driving directions:

The goings-on take place high atop Twin Peaks, in the center of San Francisco, on Christmas Tree Point Road. This is known to locals as the place where you can see all of the city.

To get customized driving directions from your location, click on this map's yellow placemarker to bring up the "Get directions" choices. Click "To here", enter your starting location, and print off the results. See you there!

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